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A little about the author

David J Rodger is an author known fast-paced thrillers that crossover into Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy. Characters that come alive. Brutal action. Emotional intelligence. New monsters. Excellent reviews. He is also the creator of Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur RPG. Writes non-fiction for magazines such as SFX. Publishes short stories in UK, US, Canada and Japan.

I purchased [Yellow Dawn] simply because I love the setting

Michael Tresca, RPG Examiner

Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur Blends the Cthulhu Mythos and Cyberpunk into a Post Apocalypse Setting


News Flash: 3rd Edition rulebook now in development

Chaosium Give Green Light for Yellow Dawn Publishing Deal : Work now underway to write a 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn adapting it to be used with 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu - allowing CoC players to drop their scenarios into the post-apocalyptic horror and action adventures of my novels.

Download an Introduction To Yellow Dawn : I’ve put together a PDF for folks who want to get a flavour of the game as a setting and a launch pad for new stories. Download PDF now

Core Products

The Rulebook - Version 2.5

Everything you need is in this one book Updated 2013

Cover of Yelllow Dawn The Age of Hastur RPG

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Primary Rulebook 2.5 { RPG } This book is crammed with everything you will need to create characters and run scenarios: Features narrative examples of key themes • The Influence of Hastur • Medical theories on the Infection • Zombie surges • Dead Cities • Wilderness survival • Comprehensive scavenging system and how to repair or build things with resources • Backgrounds and motivations of government bodies and corporations • Computer hacking and drug abuse • High-tech immortality options • Non-human characters • Enhancements through cyberware and bioware • Weaponry, equipment and armour • Complete character generation and development system • Complex political, corporate and quasi-religious tensions • Schools of Elemental Magick, occultism, demonology, and the alien horrors of the Outer Chaos – the Cthulhu Mythos.

Yellow Dawn is a gold mine of material to port into your home campaign

Bobby Derie, The Unspeakable Oath

Special Edition Hardback

The Black Book - Same Rules, Different Cover

Cover of Yelllow Dawn The Age of Hastur RPG

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In all seriousness, Yellow Dawn provides the best comprehensive, multi-era Mythos ruleset I’ve ever read [...]. It basically incorporates absolutely any Mythos era you’d like to play in: from Modern to Dark Ages to Post-Apocalyptic to Prehistoric, Near future to zombie invasion, heck, even to D&D or old Star Frontiers! I think that may be what you are looking for!

Quentin The Troll

Yellow Dawn has a lot going for it, and, considering it is independently published, is refreshingly professional and very well put together.

MonoSTAR Games Inc

Shadows of the Quantinex

A globe-spanning campaign. Learn the truth about what caused Yellow Dawn and enter a desperate struggle to stop the next hammer blow against humanity.

Cover of Shadows of the Quantinex a major campaign book for Yellow Dawn RPG

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Shadows of the Quantinex is an amazing campaign book! Now I'm really curious to hear more of Krysta Stine!

Rob Lowe

An impressive beast.

Major Mess '64


Reviews & Interviews

Links to collateral about the work of David J Rodger

Cover for cthulhu dark fantasy horror gothic dreams written by gordon kerr

  • Article I wrote for Peter Sutton's book blog about Writing the Cthulhu Mythos Into The Future.
  • Interview in the Examiner about my current work and capitalising on renaissance in Cthulhu Mythos (June 2014) Click to read.
  • Review of my RPG Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur by Role Play Craft.
  • Great reference to my work in Cthulhu (Gothic Dreams).
  • Cover for Issue 23 of The Unspeakable Oath A Digest of Arcane Lore for Cthulhu Mythos Roleplaying Game
  • Fantastic moment for me as pedigree Mythos digest The Unspeakable Oath include a review of my role-playing game "Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur".
  • Article about Yellow Dawn on German Call of Cthulhu website (Yellow Dawn as a CoC setting): click to read
  • Interview in Examiner about first launch of Yellow Dawn: click to read

  • Follow The 3rd Edition

    Peek Development

    The current version of Yellow Dawn (2.5) is being updated. A rewrite to make it useable as a setting for Call of Cthulhu 7e. Take a look via my wordpress blog at new artwork for the coming 3rd edition, and posts about progress / hurdles with development. Click now and peek.


    Getting Started

    If you're brand new to Yellow Dawn then grab the character sheet, roll-up some stats, build some personalities and throw them into the grinder

  • Download a Character sheet: as included in the Yellow Dawn Primary Rulebook. Download
  • Jump into one of the free starter scenarios: there are a bunch of scenarios listed below, quick and easy to pick up they cover some key themes of the Yellow Dawn world
  • SCENARIO #1 - First Job: characters sign-up for a tour of duty with the CRC, City Recovery Corps and go on a Dead City Run. This is an effective way of bringing disaparate characters together into a team and gives them a taste of city life and the wilderness, and straight into the horrors of the InfectionDownload
  • SCENARIO #2 - Tough Gains: a quick one session scenario, based in a Living City, where characters are involved in robbery and revenge. It provides action and awareness of city life isolated from the horrors of the wildernessDownload
  • SCENARIO #3 - Wild Dog Gorge: characters are hired to hunt down a strange beast that is murdering people in this remote settlement. A great way of getting a new team of characters "on the road" and is an introduction to the cosmic horror of the Cthulhu Mythos. Download
  • SCENARIO #4 - School of Elemental Knocks: written as an introduction for characters interested in magick or becoming a Road Mage View
  • SCENARIO #5 - I'm a Survivor! Get Me Out of Here!: written as a team builder. Characters are thrown together in a “controlled” environment and strive to win the prize – but must face off rivals, and possibly each other in a situation that rapidly brings the true horror of Yellow Dawn into focus View
  • Peruse key aspects of the Yellow Dawn game system: a blog article discussing some of the USPs of the game and what makes it different from other RPGs of its genre. Although there are comprehensive combat rules included, Yellow Dawn focuses on drawing out the abilities of a character rather than the size of their gun. View
  • UTOC: United Table of Commerce (UTOC) is a global power with vast influence in the world of Yellow Dawn. Understanding what it is and how it operates can be useful for GMs and players entering the world for the first time. View
  • Grab some context: read a free preview of the first few chapters of the Yellow Dawn novel, Dog Eat Dog. It'll give you a flavour of the disparity between life in a Living City and the grim reality of surviving out in the Wilderness. Read Preview
  • post apocalyptic survivor wearing a gas mask
  • The struggle of post-apocalyptic survival: Brief article about how hardships lead players to push desperate characters towards considering crime or taking more risks. It’s a good case in point, that keeping the characters poor and hungry for the first few sessions really builds up the tension of survival. Read article
  • Scenarios

    Some small items to get your game going. Ideally you can drop almost any kind of scenario from other RPGs into Yellow Dawn.

  • Red Desire ¦ Cold Murder: a small scenario that starts in the Living City of New Tokyo and takes the characters into a defended enclave within the Dead Zone there. Drug dealing, gang turf wars and some seriously tough moral choices. Suitable for three or more characters, with a Living City background or access to modern technology and weapons. Preview/Buy
  • Baruch's Burden: a small scenario that can begin in any Living City or any wilderness settlement with transport links back to civillisation. The characters are hired as cheap labour to help support a "tourist" expedition of the wilderness; but the itinary goes sharply awry after an encounter with a group of local Orcs (The Changed). Suitable for two or more characters with Wilderness backgrounds. Preview/Buy
  • Kingdom of Shadows: a free scenario for Yellow Dawn RPG based on Roman Polanski’s classic occult thriller – The Ninth Gate. View
  • Dreaming of Fire: A free scenario idea from Scenes of terror and trouble. View
  • A Bad Father: A free scenario idea from Scenes of terror and trouble. View
  • A Vintage Villain: A free scenario idea from Scenes of terror and trouble. View
  • Deep rumblings and fatal erruptions: A free scenario idea from Scenes of terror and trouble. View
  • The Mansion on Knútr Marsh: A free scenario idea from Scenes of terror and trouble. View
  • GM Resources

    Useful tools to help GMs manage the game

  • Street Chases and Mob Attacks: Bolt-on rule module providing GMs with an elegant system to resolve street chases (urban Living Cities and rural settlements) and the behaviour of mobs when they attack. Download
  • Nanomech & Synthology: Bolt-on rule module providing GMs with new technologies to introduce into their game (as of April 2012 this is still a work-in-progress). Download
  • GM Guide to NPC Revenge (Occult & Mythos): This 10-page PDF is a self-contained system to provide GM's with a way of measuring the ability of Occult & Mythos orientated NPCs to strike-back against characters and the scale of severity of the revenge; it also allows GM's to quantify the motivation of the NPC to do so. It contains lists of revenge options from kidnap and sacrifice; to Conjuring non-human entities to capture and kill; through to massive manifestations of Mythos horror. Download
  • Rogues Gallery: A collection of generic NPCs to populate your world with. Download
  • House Rules & Case Studies: This is a collection of micro-systems and one-liners that have evolved out of actual game play. Download
  • Recovered Relics (Collection #1): A collection of occult and mythos artefacts. Download
  • Free RPG scenario ideas : From Scenes of Terror and Trouble through to a single paragraph seed of an idea, this is a collection of thumbnail plot sketches. View Free RPG scenario ideas here .
  • Relics of the Occult & Cthulhu Mythos: Objects made by non-human hands or forged in the minds of maniacs; items of power for good, bad or disaster. Written to be used within the world of Yellow Dawn (RPG) but could easily be adapted to Call of Cthulhu, D&D and Shadowrun. View them here.
  • The Red Peril: A free resource from Scenes of terror and trouble. Consequence on character of talisman, curse or encounter with Outer God View
  • Use Hero Ranks against PCs: some GM advice on how to stop characters with a high Hero Rank from creating too much imbalance within a game View
  • Case Study: Rationality or Cool during decision making, threats and violence: Yellow Dawn RPG is written around character (and NPC) interaction – and allows GMs to separate the strong and weak aspects of their own personalities, and the players, to allow the fictional characters to step forward with gusto, or crumple like cowards.View
  • RPG: Weapons of Arcane Technology – Rathssagua Ray Gun: Potentially small damage but with a cumulative, life-threatening effect that goes beyond the original wound. View
  • Player Resources

    House rules and items that have come through YD Player Groups

  • Hero Bonuses & Spending Hero Points: More hero bonuses and a guide to spending existing hero points for dramatic effect. Download
  • Combat & Wounding - Player Reference: 8 pages of tables and commonly required combat options, extracted from the Yellow Dawn primary rulebook (2.5) and condensed so that vital information is at your fingertips - keeping players aware of their options and the combat fast and fluid. Download
  • PDP Options: small bolt-on to give players additional flexibility in design of character. Download
  • Rank Bank: reduce frustration for players who lose characters at a high adventure rank. Download
  • The Art of Magick: a quick overview of magic in the world of Yellow Dawn. View
  • Case Study: Building a Sanctuary in a Post-Apocalyptic World – Or What to Tow Behind You: Yellow Dawn allows you to strip resources from abandoned buildings or move in and do them up to live in. View
  • Monsters of the Mythos

    Things your characters do not want to meet

    Yellow Dawn - The Age of Hastur - RPG free download supplement - Monsters of the Mythos

  • Monsters of the Mythos: This free to download supplement expands upon the concept of the Cthulhu Mythos, introducing a raft of new Great Old Ones, Outer Gods and non-human species for characters to encounter. Download
  • Miscellaneous

    Top drawer of the closet. Have a dig through for anything useful or of interest.

  • Introduction to Yellow Dawn: a lengthy PDF that shows what happened during Yellow Dawn and the decade that followed. Lists major organisations and corporations to have survived. Plus details of the City Recovery Corps (CRC): Download
  • Welcome to the Sixth Age of Extinction - Are You Sitting Comfortably A blog piece I wrote about the history of extinction and glimpse into where we might be heading View
  • Player Calendar for Shadows of the Quantinex: a resource to help players map out clues and timelines in this globe-spanning campaign. Download
  • UTOC "WARNING" notice: download and print. Download
  • Newbie gets into role-playing with Yellow Dawn (Pictured): Fun way to enhance your social life. Roleplaying games are gaining a new popularity amongst people who have never played them before. Read Post
  • role-playing-games-are-gaining-a-new-popularity-amongst-people-who-have-never-played-them-before
  • List of Pre-Modern Professions: useful resource for post-apocalyptic settlements. View
  • My Yellow Dawn Session Notes: post-game write-ups and notes from each session of Yellow Dawn with my player group in Bristol. View
  • Photo of the gang: a photo of David J Rodger and some of the long-time game testers, taken at Hayling Island during a weekend of playing Yellow Dawn in a remote house by the sea. Image taken by Norwegian photographer Hågen Landsem (far left). Others shown are: Tony Jordan; David J Rodger (centre); Chris Halliday and Kelvin Wright. View
  • Case Study: a blog article discussing new rules added to Yellow Dawn 2.5, and using research to find weaknesses in Mythos or Occult bad guys to exploit. View
  • Podcast: Two players, one new to role-playing and both new to the world of Yellow Dawn, get thrown in at the deep end by signing-up with the CRC; they'll have to journey to a Dead City and scavenge enough resources to fulfill their contract - whilst avoiding the horrors of the Infected. Listen
  • GMs don't always follow the rules: A very brief overview of two new players experiencing a Dead City for the first time, explaining why I don't always follow the rules (even my own) to the letter or dice roll. An important guide-of-gut-feeling for any GM who wants to balance the danger of the game with the ability to generate a fun player-experience. View
  • Necronomicon Anti-FAQ: Written to counter the naysayers.View
  • Post-Apocalyptic Case Study: Lykov family survive 40 years in wilderness without human contact. Incredible story of survival and the tenacity of the human spirit to cope with extreme hardship. View
  • Get your geek on : play games in public places: View
  • Sneak peek at the novelised version of Shadows of the Quantinex: First chapter of the epic, globe-spanning post-apocalyptic story that reveals the truth behind Yellow Dawn: View

  • Power of Eight Group - PO8 - Business Cult from the cyberpunk novel Iron Man Project by David J Rodger Yellow Dawn - Post-apocalyptic wallpaper – UTOC Public Safety Notice from early days of Yellow Dawn – Infection Warning

    What is the Wilderness: A Definition

    Guidance that can help shape your early games

    Following the event known as Yellow Dawn, distorted weather patterns and the alien meteorological phenomenon of Storm Curtains (resemble the ghostly and enchanting aurora borealis except are a dirty amber in colour) are responsible for planet-wide disruption to digital satellite communication systems.(!) How much disruption is down to the GM and creates the pivot point for scale of isolation the GM wants for characters in their game.(!) As is the distance between survivor settlements when out in the wilderness. Read this brief article to see examples of how GMs can adjust their game to suit the flavour they want for their player characters. Read article



    Bile Weed

    This bolt-on for the core Yellow Dawn system demonstrates the way in which the Infection has been designed to evolve within the game. In other words, the things survivors mistakenly call "zombies" can change as time goes on, creating further drama and intrigue about what is really going on and intensifying the horror.

  • You can Download the PDF here.
  • Dragomir

    Take Yellow Dawn 10,000 years into the future. Several decades after the apocalyptic event called Yellow Dawn struck Earth and ushered in the Age of Hastur, the Mythos arrived in force. Wars raged. Temples to the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods were erected by the monsters that worship them, puncturing the Quantisphere and leading to humankind being pushed ever closer to the brink of total extinction. Skip 10,000 years into the future and the human race has survived and evolved to a point where life is almost medieval. New races exist and the horrors of the Mythos remain as a fact of daily life rather than lurking in the shadows of denial. NOTE: this is very much still just a concept in development. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

  • Go to the Wordpress blog post to download the new world map and PDF of setting.
  • 3rd Edition Rulebook

    Following the green light from Chaosium to work with Modiphius (Achtung! Cthulhu) on a deal, work started in January 2015 to create a 3rd edition of the Yellow Dawn rulebook, and associated products that tie neatly into the 7th edition of Call of Cthulhu. You can download an "Introduction To Yellow Dawn" to get a flavour of the game as a setting and a launch pad for new stories. Download PDF now

    PROGRESS: You can read regular updates on the work in progress by clicking here.


  • July 2015, a first edit of the 3rd edition now complete after thorough feedback from review crew // next steps playtesting // securing final artwork
  • June 2015, layout and typography discussed with existing fans. Agreed to keep existing clean look and feel and font set. New chapter start pages and box outs required - working with M.Poole on this.
  • May 2015, three artists are formally part of the project: Axel Torvinius, Borja Pindado, and Jason Engle. Examples of some of their work for the 3rd edition of Yellow Dawn is shown below. Click on any thumbnail to see full-size image via Wordpress
  • 3rd_city-mercenary-utoc-marine-in-post-apocalyptic-cyberpunk-setting-of-yellow-dawn-the-age-of-hastur 3rd_crc-roamer-scavenger-or-high-tech-militia-in-post-apocalyptic-cyberpunk-setting-of-yellow-dawn-the-age-of-hastur 3rd_edition_horrors-in-the-new-wilderness-werewolf-or-other-beast 3rd_edition_mi-go-fungi-from-yuggoth 3rd_edition_monsters-of-h-p-lovecraft-start-to-invade-earth 3rd_edition_post-apocalypse-barbarian 3rd_edition_carbons-genetically-engineered-humans 3rd_edition_warrior-orcs-mutated-humans 3rd_edition_post-apocalyptic-magick-and-occult 3rd_edition_post-apocalyptic-survivor-settlement

    Client Testimonials

    • Complete package - an amazing roleplaying game.

      Hagen Landsem
    • What is great is all the resources available in the book for running campaigns, in such a way that you only need a rough story line, and use the system to roll yourself through it. NPCs, scavenged items, settlements, spells, vehicles, weather... its all there to be used to enhance the atmosphere and details of the story. I highly recomend this book for all cthulhu players.

      Chris Halliday
    • There's a great way of generating quick adventures called 'Dead city runs' which can be set up and ran in an evening without any preparation - kind of like very involved encounters or mini dungeon crawl.

      S. Pyne.
    • I had no idea Yellow Dawn even existed and the core book and the supplements are a great read. I recommend it to anyone looking for something that is kind of equal parts post-zombie-pocalyptic, more cyber less punk, and Mythos.

      Vargr, RPG.net
    • I became interested in your Yellow Dawn setting, and decided to purchase Dog Eat Dog. Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I thought it was a FANTASTIC read. I’m really looking forward to the Yellow Dawn setting book arriving in a couple of days, and giving the setting a run.

      Chris Taylor

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