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David J. Rodger. Sci-Fi Dark Fantasy Author. Creator of Yellow Dawn: Age of Hastur RPG. Excellent reviews. Writes non-fiction for magazines like SFX. Publishes short stories in UK, US, Canada and Japan. Critics call his work "a must read". Many fans consider his work to be amongst their best sci fi books.

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A Universe Twisted into Two

The majority of my novels occupy a similar time period (in the near future). This period is cut short by the apocalyptic event known as Yellow Dawn. Yellow Dawn acts as a dividing line and any book set after Yellow Dawn can be considered post-apocalyptic in nature. They still occupy the same universe, but readers can see it warped through a different lens. Here is a quick list to show you which novels come before and after Yellow Dawn:


Which Book Should I Read First?

This is really down to you. There are currently no serials. Each book is a separate story. You can start with any book. You can buy David J Rodger for Kindle or in paperback from LULU books and Amazon books. However, Oakfield is a new novel and has just been launched. Could be a good place to start!

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A science fiction novel with horror from H.P.Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos by David J Rodger

Fast-paced thrillers that crossover into Science Fiction & Horror

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The Books


There are monsters in the quiet places 2015

Cover of Oakfield, a new novel by David J Rodger with the cosmic horror of H.P.Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos

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Oakfield { novel } James Spaulding, recently deceased after military action, finds himself in a new body courtesy of top grade medical cover. But physical miracles don't always heal the mind. Traumatised by his experiences, he accepts an invitation from his sister to spend time at a remote house in Cornwall, England.

Annabella Spaulding has inherited an extraordinary property from their estranged grandfather. A man neither has seen since childhood. Taking her husband and two brothers with her, Annabella seeks to heal the painful rifts between them.

But when owners of a local mine show an unhealthy interest in the property, it becomes worryingly apparent their grandfather may not have died from natural causes. Monsters lurk in the quiet places. And they want to get into the house.

There is a great secret bound within the house, and digging through the clues to discover the truth James and his sister risk tearing down the walls of sanity and reality.

Oakfield is a finely crafted near-future thriller of isolation and cosmic horror in the finest traditions of the Lovecraft Mythos.

Chris Halliday

David’s J Rodger’s writing is atmospheric, with a brilliant dark narrative and wonderful characters. This book is fantastic and a must read.

Sarah Eddy

Best book I have read in a long while. A brilliantly gripping book right from the first paragraph. Rodger is up there with the master authors.

Box Clever

Five Stars: Creepy, Unputdownable. A Glimpse into the unknown. Oakfield is an amazing and engrossing read.

Angela Brooks

Solid slice of modern Lovecraftian horror. Recommended!

Rob Curtis

God Seed

An epic action adventure that spans the globe and beyond 1996

Cover of God Seed, new fiction for cyberpunk horror by David J Rodger

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God Seed { novel } Adam Kyle is an acclaimed documentary film-maker riding a wave of success. Now he's in England, embedded within a team of corporate mercenaries and looking to make the film of his career. But the mercenaries are about to walk into a trap. Kyle becomes a man on the run in a dark future. He is forced to find his way in a world that begins to slip out of focus towards the supernatural, and yet continue doing his job whilst a new story unfolds. Religion, dark magic and politics propel him into the black heart of a conspiracy born when old and idealistic men were young. Life will never be the same again as the very fabric of existence begins to tear apart at the seams.

H.P. Lovecraft brought screaming and thrashing into the 21st Century. This is very evocative of Gibson but with an undertoneof creeping horror that builds towards a brutal climax. Fantastic! I want more!


Dante's Fool

The investigations of a tough London cop brings him agonisingly close to the Sub-Prince of Hell 1999

Cover of Dante's Fool by David J Rodger Shop Now > paperback from Amazon: US ($), UK (£), DE (Euro)
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Dante's Fool { novel } Detective Sergeant Louis Cloud is a tough London cop hungry for power and promotion, and he'll do anything to get it. Natalya Dorganskya; once the adored daughter of a global megastar, now uses her skills as a world-class pilot in bold criminal raids. The armed robbery of an orbital courier starts an investigation that tears apart both their lives. In the aftermath, as they separately hunt for answers to escape what is happening to them, the influence of an enigmatic deep space mining corporation starts to become apparent. Connected to this one of the sub-princes of Hell steps remorselessly into their world with polymorphic eyes set on a gruesome prize...

I'm a Rankin/Dexter fan and it was suggested that if I liked crime thrillers I try Dante’s Fool…I was hooked, really enjoyed it. Strong, believable characters and a storyline with the thought-provoking twist of the occult. I’ll be reading more of David’s books, and will definitely be looking out for the sequel to this one!

Susan Pay

Iron Man Project

Corporate conflict from street gangs in Marseille to the top CEOs in Boardrooms across UTOC 2005

Cover of Iron Man Project by David J Rodger

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Iron Man Project { novel } Former special-forces operative, Vincent Brent, is tough, ruthless and highly trained. Now he’s using his skills for whoever will pay him without cashing in the bounty on his head. In this world of the near future, the UN has failed. Wars are fought in boardrooms through attorneys and politics, and on our streets with private armies of military and criminal assets. In Sicily, Jean-Luc Korda, Chief of Security for a powerful corporate alliance wields one such army - a potent mercenary force - in the fight against kidnap, extortion, blackmail and sabotage. But unseen enemies plot to use his position against him. In England a young woman must die. Her life, or death, will decide the fate of both men. In the cross-hairs of powerful adversaries, Korda and Brent must both make decisions in a choice between command and conscience.

Iron Man Project has it all, fast pacing, action and drama. There is no Black and White, only shades of Grey. A large and well thought out universe which gives the story a credible background and makes you yearn to get to know more. Thumbs-up for this book!

Alexander Siegelin


Industrial espionage and insiduous Evil creeping through a remote ski resort in New Zealand 2008

Cover of EDGE by David J Rodger

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EDGE { novel } Ethan Carmichael is a global superstar in the world of tech. And he is close to total burn out. A snowboarding holiday in New Zealand seems like the perfect getaway, but something is not right about the mountain. The Maori speak of it only in nightmares. Then the murders begin. On the other side of the world, Halo Santana, an unscrupulous concept scout scrambles onto the trail of a new technology stolen from a corporate R&D lab. Rapidly out of his depth, he enters a frantic race to track down the missing components before his buyers have him killed. The fate of both men are tangled in a deadly web of lies, betrayal and a primeval god from beyond...

Edge is a great book. It’s got an epic mountain setting and brings strong characters with interesting back-stories together to face some very bad things. The sci-fi aspects are blended into everyday use with the exception of a technology that an unscrupulous and delightful maggot of a man is trying to get his hands on. People die. Some die much worse than others. There is genuine creeping horror. Something is bad on that mountain and I highly recommend you find out what!

Dr Andrew Collins

Living in Flames

A fast and brutal journey into the heart of a darkness that has been lurking beneath the streets for 300 years 2012

Cover of Living in Flames by David J Rodger

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Living in Flames { novel } Expelled from the marines on a dishonourable discharge ticket, Dex Raškovic, had ended up in Bristol working for a violent criminal family; running a nightclub, selling genetically modified drugs and looking for any way out. When he finds an old wooden idol clutched in the hands of a dead man, he takes it unaware of the bloody consequences this will bring. Whilst the bruised history of the city is pulled into sharp media focus, the tendrils of an ancient merchant family reach out to destroy their enemies. And a carrion God, lying dormant for three hundred years, slowly unfolds within the dark spaces beneath the city streets...

Rips forward at a frenetic pace, barely lets up. Like a Guy Ritchie movie with H.P. Lovecraft and William Gibson. The tight cast of characters play off each other well, strong dialogue and surprising twists with the interpersonal dynamics keeps the reader turning the pages. I devoured this book in two days, staying way past my bed time in my eagerness to uncover the dark secrets and how it would all play out. A thrilling read and recommended to anyone.

Madison Cooper

Dog Eat Dog

Crime, politics and murder. An epic struggle between two survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. This is a monster of a book. 2010

Cover of DOg Eat Dog by David J Rodger

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Dog Eat Dog { novel } The Earth has suffered a cataclysmic event. Mikhail Drobná and Carlos Revira are two survivors, hungry for money and power, and fuelled by a desire to carve their names onto this new world. Strangers, until events bring them face to face in bloody confrontation. Complex evolving politics, private armies, corruption and murder on a shocking scale frame their violent struggle. Yet something inhuman now walks amongst the lonely, abandoned places and it has its own plans for this world...

One of the most engaging stories I’ve ever read.

Samantha Rule

Without a doubt David J Rodger’s best work to date.

Simon Pyne

An exceptionally well written page-turner.

Sergio Castenares

I became interested in your Yellow Dawn setting, and decided to purchase Dog Eat Dog. Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I thought it was a FANTASTIC read.

Chris Taylor

The Black Lake

An eerie and haunting tale of isolation in remote island waters, of madness, supernatural horror and death 2012

Cover of The Black Lake by David J Rodger

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The Black Lake { novel } The Earth has suffered a cataclysmic event. A decade later five survivors leave the fortress island of Malta on an expedition to the sub-Arctic waters above Scotland. They intend to undertake scientific observations of an alien meteorological phenomenon that is one legacy of the apocalypse. What they find is a cosmic horror that seethes amongst the shadows of a shattered Earth. It is a story of escape and wonder, of madness and terror.

Really good, I loved it. The description of Lomen and the weather were great. A mix of stark, harsh and the sublime. Definitely the use of weather stuck with me. That is the defining point of the book. The looming menace is also well paced. Growing as the book progresses. I found that I couldn’t read it at night after about half way through. Partly through it being a bit creepy, but mostly due to the general menace making me too tense to go to sleep

Dan Dixon - The Black Lake

Like finding undiscovered John Wyndham novel.

Charlotte Morgan - The Black Lake

The story riffs thematically on Lovecraft classic "The Mountains of Madness" and you get a real sense of a hopeful expedition turning slowly sour and then disastrous but with fresh ideas and new angles. I absolutely love horror where the scares are well thought out with a lurking growing terror steadily increasing in volume. This book took me away for a creepy and satisfying afternoon and you should get it!

Andrew Hardy - The Black Lake

The Social Club

A classic detective story set in an Orwellian world; London, after the apocalypse 2013

Cover of The Social Club by David J Rodger

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The Social Club { novel } London survives the event known as Yellow Dawn, but only just; through the authority of the Group that took control nearly ten years ago. When the naked body of a man washes up on the banks of the Thames, the regime in charge tries to dismiss the death as another suicide. Senior Verifier Jadon Purgo has other ideas and as he digs through layers of deceit a gruesome truth begins to emerge... David J Rodger has crafted a claustrophobic vision of survivalism. The horrors of the world after Yellow Dawn are kept at bay through corruption and the idealism of rewarding success. But the real horror is what lies at the heart of this new London. This is a thriller you will not be able to put down or forget.

Just finished David J Rodger's The Social Club. It's a superb mystery that builds and builds until, by the end, you can't turn pages fast enough because your heart is thumping so hard it makes your hands shake...

Jake Gillam

Songs of Spheres

A collection of science fiction and dark fantasy short stories 2012

Cover of Songs of Spheres by David J Rodger

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Songs of Spheres { short stories } 15 short stories hand-picked by the author as his personal favourites and presented with a brief introduction to each story. There are monsters that squirm and slither through the dark spaces beneath our feet, our dead are like carrion to them; and us, the living, are often victims of their hunger for violence and their taste in blood and terror. There are men and women who prey on the predators - a rough justice or karma in action. Technology carries information beyond the wires but what else can ride the electromagnetic waves? Demonic forces that infiltrate the mind through the new technology implants of the cyberpunk era. In dream-like realms, brave souls adventure deep into the strange worlds conjured by far flung minds. What mysteries do they discover and what secrets do they bring back with them into physical flesh and the reality of Humankind? The King in Yellow regards Earth from behind a pallid mask of silk; reposed on a throne of madness, corruption and decay within the black tower that stands beyond Carcosa. Hastur - the Great Old One that must not be named - the bearer of the Yellow Sign, has been brought forth. In tales of Yellow Dawn the consequences are here for those who dare to see. WARNING: some of these stories contain scenes of a disturbing and sexual nature.

I love this collection of short stories. There is a darkness that lingers with you afterwards, a darkness I enjoy going back to. For me it’s like Blade Runner met William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy in a bar, and then H.P. Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones decided to camp out outside that bar and peer inside the windows.

Sammi Rule
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Client Testimonials

  • Five Stars: Creepy, Unputdownable. A Glimpse into the unknown. Oakfield is an amazing and engrossing read.

    Angela Brooks
  • I raced through Black Lake and didn't want it to end. The detailed descriptions of the locations and unique weather conditions all add to the dark atmosphere. You feel you're there - experiencing the slowly building suspense, dread and fear along with the main character Quint - as the secret of the Black Lake is finally revealed.

    Emma Hurst
  • Well-written, parts of the descriptive prose reminding me of John Wyndham. Quint- the main character- is well-defined,& his reactions to situations completely out of his experience is believable. I liked the touched of Lovecraftian lore which permeate this story too. Worthy of your attention.

    Ade Cooper
  • The best Sci Fi I've read in ten years. I can't think of anything that beats it in terms of action, the innovative ideas per page quota is off the chain, the characters are deep and real. Drobna is the best anti-hero in the genre. A total bad ass

    Floyd Hayes
  • An exceptionally well written page-turner. Packed with action that I found compelling in its attention to detail and pace, and horror scenes that had my heart pounding, the post-apocalyptic future is immersive and dystopian.

    Cedric Patton
  • Fantastic! I’ve just finished reading ‘The Social Club’. Fantastic! I hadn’t read a novel for over 20 years at least and I had to ‘learn’ how to read a novel all over again. But it was worth it! The last forty pages (I won’t give the game away!) were a bitingly tense roller-coaster ride and the ending a real ‘gasp’ moment!

    Chris Waller
  • A real gem! And a solid addition to a growing collection of books set in a consistent, well-constructed and interestingly portrayed dark future.

    Dr Rob Curtis
  • David’s J Rodger’s writing is atmospheric, describes Cornwall with a brilliant dark narrative, and wonderful characters. I think this book is fantastic and a must read.

    Sarah Eddy
  • Dog Eat Dog is unlike anything I have read before and does an amazing job of immersing you into the dichotomy of the universe. The reader is pulled into two worlds: one of the technologically driven and seemingly untouchable powers that can afford to not get their hands dirty, and the other the grimy and terrifying existence of reality outside the safety of walled cities. The atmosphere of this story sticks with you long after you’ve put it down, the world is fully fleshed out and tangible and the characters even more so. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoy fast-paced action, intelligent intrigue, and relentless in-your-face storytelling.

    Samantha Rule
  • My copy of Dog Eat Dog arrived today. I sat down just to flick through it; next time I looked up I was 84 pages in! Utterly gripping, your best work yet.

    Hagen Landsem
  • I finished Dog Eat Dog. The last section was amazing, really ramped up and already ramped up ramping. At one point when I got off the subway I had to sit on the horrid wooden seats to continue reading, despite being on my way to work…

    James Morgan
  • Very Stephen King feel to it. Excellent story. Tightly written and fast-paced

    Simon Pyne
  • …having both a lot of science fictional and supernatural horror elements, it still manages to maintain a grittier realism then many less speculative tomes.

    Reflexiones Finales
  • I totally enjoy your writing and it should be spread to all the readers in the world!

  • A compact grenade of sharp tech ideas, inhuman fury, revenge, ancient bloodlines and chilling supernatural horror.

    Dr Andy Collins
  • I read a lot of SF and Fantasy and I would say that Dog Eat Dog is definitely in the Top 10 percent of what I read.

    A. Sieglin
  • My copy of Dog Eat Dog arrived today. I sat down just to flick through it; next time I looked up I was 84 pages in! Utterly gripping, your best work yet.

    Connor Red
  • A likeable and believable central character - Even though he is clearly a genius, he only sees his inadequacies; very human!

    Dominic M.
  • The Black Lake is your best novel to date. A solidly likeable and believable central character, an excellent portrayal of isolation and mental disintegration, and the horror elements were not clumsy or in-your-face, but fitted with the overall narrative like a glove.

    Irini Arkan
  • Genuinely scary stuff. There's some truly disturbing imagery and ideas here, executed with a deft hand. I love the echoes of Lovecraft's “The Colour Out Of Space” and “The Whisperer in Darkness”, and the greater inclusion of the Hastur mythology in the world of Yellow Dawn adds a wonderfully nightmarish aspect to an already chilling atmosphere.

    Chris Halliday
  • I can't wait to put my hands on another of David's novels and same will happen to you if you give 'Edge' a well deserved chance.

    Sergio Castenares
  • I have just finished reading The Black Lake and felt a compulsion to write and tell you how good it was. I personally think you captured the mythos perfectly and Lovecraft would have been either proud or slightly jealous :) although old Howard would have had M_____ find [....] dead with a just a journal as testament to what went on but if I’m honest I preferred your [...] ending as I sometimes find Lovecraft’s tales unfinished.

    L D Simpson
  • I became interested in your Yellow Dawn setting, and decided to purchase Dog Eat Dog. Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I thought it was a FANTASTIC read. I’m really looking forward to the Yellow Dawn setting book arriving in a couple of days, and giving the setting a run.

    Chris Taylor
  • Best book I have read in a long while. Oakfield is a brilliantly gripping book right from the first paragraph. Rodger is up there with the master authors in my view but he paints vivid pictures without the excessive verbosity that we all know can be tedious. The characters are easy to visualise and the story line weaves effortlessly between, the normal, paranormal, supernatural and occult.

    Box Clever
  • Oakfield. A really great book. A cast of fully realised characters enmeshed in a steadily paced unfolding mystery; a mix of hope and brooding doom played out in a lonely and ancient corner of the deep West Country. This is a solid slice of modern Lovecraftian horror, and an addition to a growing list of excellent novels set in a well developed near-future world. Recommended!

    Rob Curtis

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